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To provide love, security, warmth and comfort
to children who are seriously ill or traumatized.

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Aidan, age 3, beams after receiving a blanket from
Omaha Project Linus.  His mom, Kristine, reports "Aidan was
really excited to get his blanket.  He loves Nemo and sleeps with
about Aidan and histiocytosis click on the following link:
Caleb and Dillon, 1st
graders at Gretna
Elementary, making a
fleece blanket.
2 young ladies show off their new blankets!
Ladies from the Florence Assisted
Living Center proudly display the
quilts they lovingly made for
Omaha Project Linus.
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    Offutt Air Force Base
    University Hospital
    University Neonatal Intensive Care
    Foster Care Review Board
    Mercy Hospital
    Bergen Mercy Hospital
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    Care Unit
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    Many, Many Individual Children
A quilt made by Project Linus volunteers adds a
Nurses from the NICU at University
Hospital show off recent donations from
Omaha Project Linus.

As I sit down to begin the next Linus newsletter, I feel overwhelmed
handmade blanket from someone they will never meet.  Someone who
or dad or brother or sister, or were just in some sad place in their life.  
Each and every blanket is special, as is each and every child.  

Now that we have sailed over 32,000 donations (yes, 32,000!), we
have much to be proud of.  And I have much to be grateful for.  YOU
are the foundation that keeps our organization a vital part of the
Omaha and Council Bluffs area.  YOU are the reason it keeps going.  
YOU are the ones that should give yourselves a big pat-on-the-back.  
Bless all of you for your hard work and once again ----  

Thank you!

Ginny DeBates
Ca'ryn, Mila, and Mallory, 1st
graders at Gretna Elementary, use
a team approach to making a blanket.
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Michaele Pleiss has recently joined the Project Linus Crew.  
For years she has made many, many blankets for us, but now
she has volunteered to pick up and sew tags on all of the
blankets that are dropped off at the Country Sampler.  
Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of tags!!!!  What a
trooper she is ---and she never, ever complains!  We could
not get the blankets in and out so quickly without her!  Below
is a picture of three beautiful blankets that Michaele made.  
These blankets are even more special because her grand
kids(pictured) picked out all of the squares and arranged the
patterns for each blanket.  They are our "mini-blanketeers!"
Mary Breister displays one of
the beautiful quilts that she
Units.  Both the parents and
Mary Breister displays one of
nurses love the cheerful
patterns and colorful fabrics!  
The blankets are draped over
the incubators to keep the light
out while the babies "grow and

Students from St. Wenceslaus
School participated in the monthly
blanket-making event coordinated
by the Christian Mother's group.

More photographs are available by
clicking on the
Photo Gallery link.