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Thank you for the fleece tie blanket. It really keeps me warm, that's the
best feeling to have when you are away from home.  ~ Mariah S.
Thank you for making me the blanket.  It was really beautiful. The
blanket is really soft and warm. It's purple my favorite color, and has
butterflies on it which I love. The blanket fits me well. I really
appreciate it a lot. Thanks ~ Cassi A.
I am Danielle, a New Orleans Boys Town youth & I am writing you this
letter to let you know how much I appreciate the blanket. I wanted to
say thank you so much for just taking time out of your busy schedule to
think about me. I am really grateful. May God bless you & I wish you well.
Thank you for the blankets you made. I wish you could have seen how
everyone's face lit up when we saw the blankets. We got so excited as
we all gathered around Father Peter to pick one out. There was so many
it was hard to choose, but we each found one we liked. It's nice to know
people care so much when they don't even know us. Thank you so
much!    ~ Kacie (age 14).
I do not know if I am contacting the correct person. Our 15 month-old   
son had surgery very early today at Emmanuel/Allegiant Hospital in
Omaha Nebraska. As parents we were nervous (to be expected), even
when it is a simple procedure.  We want to thank you so very much for
the blanket that the nurse brought in for him before his surgery. It was
filled with bright cheery colors and so soft and perfect in size! He took
his newly adopted blankie with him and when he was returned to us
quickly he snuggled with it.  Our son is home doing fine and he is
resting on the sofa with his blanket. He seems to have really become
attached to it already!! Thanking you we are!! Please help me get this
thank you to those who take the time to make these for the precious
little ones. God Bless you all!  ~ Tammie D. Queen  Turin, Iowa